Choosing the Best Material for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

February 25, 2021
In this post, you'll read:With so many people working from home for the foreseeable future or simply spending a lot more of their time at home, a wave of home remodeling is sweeping the globe.

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With so many people working from home for the foreseeable future or simply spending a lot more of their time at home, a wave of home remodeling is sweeping the globe. It is common wisdom that you should start with either a bathroom or the kitchen when remodeling a home. These high-traffic areas are where homes hold a lot of their value. 

Suppose you have decided to remodel your home or simply want ideas to daydream about until you are ready. In that case, this article will outline some of the best ways to not only increase your home’s functionality and aesthetic beauty but also how to invest your energy and money into your house’s value. 

This is an image of kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Materials 

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where we go for the fuel that lets us accomplish everything else in our day. The kitchen is also where people gather to share a snack and a story or have a hot mug of tea and unwind. 

Where Can You Put Stainless Steel in the Kitchen? 

The short answer: Everywhere. There is a reason that high-quality stainless steel is prized in restaurants and high-end home kitchens. Stainless steel sheets can make any surface durable, easy to clean, and beautiful. And with the wide variety of stainless steel finishes and surface coatings available, you can avoid the “every surface is brushed metal” look of professional kitchens and customize your home to any style. 


The counter is where most of the real work happens in the kitchen. It is where you’ll lay out ingredients, assemble a meal, or just throw your keys at the end of the day. The style and material of your countertops can drastically change the mood and appeal of your kitchen. A standard quick kitchen upgrade is simply to change these out. 

Stone Countertops

Stone countertops like marble and granite are kitchen classics. These hefty, gorgeous pieces can run up the cost of a kitchen remodel and often compete for new appliances to be the most considerable expense. Other stone options include soapstone, limestone, and the synthetic and cheapest option: quartz. 

This is an image of stone countertop.

Wooden Countertops

Wooden “butcher block” countertops have become increasingly popular in recent years. While this option can be less expensive than most stones, wood will nick and scratch easier than most other options. However, butcher block can be sanded down and re-treated to restore its smooth surface. 

Stainless Steel Countertops

Like wood, most stainless steel can be easily resurfaced to extend its life, even after decades of service. And quality stainless steel can last for decades. The appeal of stainless steel lies in its versatility and customization options. While granite or marble countertops have to be sourced from large slabs, stainless steel begins as a blank slate of 2B finish cold-rolled metal, just waiting for the homeowner to decide what it will look like. Taking advantage of customization is important because stainless steel’s cost will be similar or greater than marble or granite. 

This is an image of stainless steel countertop.

Types of Stainless Steel for Countertops

Here are some popular options for stainless steel kitchen countertops. 

Brushed Finish

Brushed finish steel is the classic professional kitchen choice. Not only will a brushed finish (or “No.4”) hide the small scratches that steel is sure to get, it is the easiest to refinish on your own in the future. While it can look overly industrial if you use too much, brushed steel can provide brightness when used tastefully. The diffused light effect will light up your kitchen. 

This is an image of No.4 stainless steel sheet.

Hairline Finish

The hairline finish is another of the standard stainless steel finishes. It is characterized by a series of long thin scratches, all running in the same direction to create a grain on the surface. If you have any stainless steel appliances, chances are they feature a brushed or hairline finish. 

This is an image of stainless steel hairline sheet.

Colored PVD Coating

Physical Vapor Deposition is the best metal coating on the market, and it will protect your surfaces from a lot more wear and tear. Another considerable benefit of PVD coating is the ability to color the metal’s surface in a variety of ways. If you are worried about too much “metal” showing, simply choose a warm color to light up the kitchen. Or, for a sleek, modern look, coat your countertops with a deep black PVD.  

This is an image of PVD coated stainless steel embossed sheet.


Countertops are continuously touched, and stainless steel will usually show fingerprints that will need to be wiped away daily to maintain its clean look. But now, coating the stainless steel with an extra layer of anti-fingerprint protection is possible and highly suggested. Not only will this coating repel fingerprints, but it also helps water bead up and be wiped clean much more quickly.  

Advantages of Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel has many attributes that lend it towards heavy use in a challenging environment like the kitchen. 


If you were trying to destroy your stainless steel countertops, you would probably spend the better part of a day before you found a way. While low-quality stainless steel can scratch easily if not coated with anything, to break a stainless steel counter, you would need a lot of effort. Compared to many of the typical stone countertops that can chip or lose a corner, you will have little to worry about in your kitchen.  

This is an image of kitchen.

Heat Resistant

The heat-resistance of stainless steel is another main reason you will see it in high-end restaurant kitchens. No more juggling pots and pans as you look for a trivet before you can set anything down. Conditions that would scorch butcher block or melt laminate counters will be just fine for a stainless steel surface. 

Zero formaldehyde

Now even if the market environmental protection standard E0 wooden cabinets are in use, the cabinets will be damp, expand, deform or crack, and a large amount of formaldehyde will be released, which will endanger food safety and bring hidden dangers to the health of family members.
Stainless steel cabinets do not contain any formaldehyde, so as to meet the needs of consumers in health and durability.


The nonporous nature of metal makes stainless steel an excellent choice for a homeowner who is concerned about germs or stains. Stainless steel is a solid antibacterial choice since it simply wipes clean. 

Other Uses for Stainless Steel in the Kitchen 

Not only does stainless steel make a wonderful countertop, but it can also be used for backsplashes, wall paneling, easy-to-clean ceilings, or flooring. You can even pair your new countertops with matching shelving or the legs of your table and chairs. 

This is an image of kitchen cabinet made of stainless steel laminated sheet.

Stainless steel is also quickly becoming a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Laminated stainless steel looks great and can mimic wood while keeping all of its durability and heat resistance. 

This is an image of kitchen cabinet made of stainless steel laminated sheet.

Bathroom Remodeling Materials

Some people hold to the idea that the only polite time to discuss the inside of a bathroom is when complimenting the decor. While remodeling a bathroom does not usually provide as much return as a kitchen, the cost of remodeling a bathroom is much lower. This is a great remodeling project to start with for people who want to DIY the upgrade. Another benefit of remodeling a bathroom is that many houses have more than one. You will not have to plan around the project as much, and you can take longer to finish. 


Wood has been a popular material for building and finishing rooms for almost all of recorded history. It is customizable and durable, and many types can be affordable. But in the 21st century, we can probably do a little better than traditional wood. 

This is an image of wood bathroom cabinet.

Concerns about using wood in a room that will be frequently damp are mostly about how well it holds up to moisture. Even in a half bath, wooden panel walls will be exposed to moisture from sinks and toilets. Ventilation will be important in any room with wood. In a bathroom that is expecting daily use, wood is a high-risk material unless there is also a heavy-duty ventilation fan running almost always. 


Who doesn’t love cold ceramic tiles underfoot to wake you up in the morning? Well, plenty of people are ditching the standard tiling of ceramic and even using wood-like flooring in their bathrooms. Wood tends to work better in half-bathrooms where people will not be taking showers or baths and then dripping all over. Ceramic will do for bathroom floors, but too much tile will easily overpower a small space. Ceramic walls can quickly appear like train station bathrooms if done cheaply, and nobody likes scrubbing that much grout. 

Stainless Steel in the Bathroom 

If you have ever wondered what might be lurking on the surfaces in a bathroom, stainless steel is for you. Wiping painted or wood-paneled walls clean all the time can ruin them, and these porous surfaces might hang on to some of their bacteria even with some light scrubbing. Stainless steel, as a metal, is nonporous and wipes clean to a level you can have confidence in. 

This is an image of bathroom cabinet made of stainless steel laminated sheet.

Stainless steel paneling is reliable and easy to order for any surface in the bathroom. Laminated stainless steel can replace wood while staying with a warm and welcoming look and damp proof. 

This is an image of bathroom cabinet made of stainless steel laminated sheet.

By making a custom order, you can mix and match the styles and finishes until the bathroom will be precisely how you imagine it. 

Wrap Up

For more examples and ideas, check out the FTSSS catalog or contact our dedicated sales support team. We can work directly with you to determine how to best meet your home’s needs. After that, get your free quote and start the simple, direct ordering process. 

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