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As a Chinese company engaged in stainless steel for seven years, FTSSS is

deeply aware that some buyers will encounter all kinds of traps or confusion

when purchasing stainless steel in China. We have specially sorted out this

PFD document hoping that it can help you avoid some unnecessary losses.

We Leave No Room For Doubt

seven years expertise

sufficient inventory

Strict Quality control

timely order delivery


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Mirror Polishing

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Hairline/No.4 Polishing

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Our Main Products

Mirror / Super Mirror

You can find them in buildings or facility decorations. They are a popular choice for decoration projects as you can have different degrees of reflectivity. 

Hairline / No.4 / Vibration/ Bead Blasted

You can find them in places like escalators, building facades, handrails, sinks, advertising nameplates, aisle boards, screen borders, and construction works.

Embossed / Etched / Stamped

You can find them in different architectural buildings, facades, ceilings, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, countertops and elevator panels & cabins.

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Get The File of "5 tips for purchasing stainless steel decorative sheets in China"

This PDF is edited by our professional team that has been engaged in the stainless steel industry for more than  5 years, and contains the secrets of the industry!

Clients share their experience

Nothing could be easier than working with FTSSS to develop a new sheet pattern. Linda is so creative and easy-going that she turns a chore into a pleasure.
I was most impressed with your attention to detail of the urgent orders. I really appreciate the time and effort FTSSS put into making products "special" for the clients.

2023 Hottest Designs

More than 100+ popular patterns of stainless steel decorative sheet to help you win the market. 

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