What is Stainless Steel Decorative Color Sheet?

June 18, 2020
In this post, you'll read:Stainless steel decorative color sheets are produced by several different processes, such as mirror, hairline, No.4, bead blasted or vibration polishing, embossed, etched, laminated, stamped, and PVD color coating.

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Have you spotted a stainless steel decorative color sheet? If yes, you’d agree that its look is quite more appealing. It is also more fashionable than most stainless steel sheets you might find in the market today. This astonishment might have prompted you to inquire about this product. I will serve your curiosity! 

In this article, you will understand what a stainless steel decorative color sheet is. You will also learn its materials, applications, advantages, and specifications. We will focus on other vital aspects you should know before giving this product a shot. 

This is an iage of decorative color stainless steel sheet.

Stainless Steel Decorative Color Sheet

Stainless steel decorative color sheets are produced by several different processes. It involves applying mirror, hairline, No.4, bead blasted or vibration polishing, embossed, etched, laminated, stamped or anti-finger treatment, and PVD color coating to the stainless steel sheet. This helps to unveil aesthetic colors and patterns. This tremendous and decorative sheet comes in varying colors. They are usually seen in gold, rose gold, champagne, red, black, grey, pink, blue, green, brown, copper, bronze, violet, and rainbow.

What is noteworthy? These decorative sheets can withstand ultraviolet radiation for decades. Its color and pattern stay intact if they are used for indoor decoration. Please check FTSSS catalog for more details. What are its specifications? Let’s see!


Material Grade: Four common grades (SS 201, 304, 316, 430) 

Thickness: Usually 0.3mm~3mm 

Size in feet: 1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3045mm and any other customized sizes with max width 1500mm.

Applications of stainless steel decorative color sheets are diverse. Read the next subheading to examine these applications and check the ones you’d need. 


No limitation or restriction is there on the usage of the color coated sheet. A consumer might decide to use it for home appliances and kitchen. He might also use it for architectural designs, internal decors, and other necessities.

This is an image of stainless steel kitchen.

With technological advancement, many people are opting for stainless steel. They are making it their preferred decoration material. The trend is even becoming moe evident with time.

They are useful for exterior wall cladding, column covers, roofing, and bridge cladding. You can use them on buses, trains, doors, commercial and residential kitchens. Further use includes airplane food handling equipment, signage, etc. 

This is an image of stainless steel ceiling.

A stable and sturdy roof is vital. An aspect that is gaining quick popularity is the decorative, color-coated roofing sheets. These types are often seen in industrialized and urban areas. But, they can be adopted into rural settings and residential buildings. They are perfect for aesthetic purposes and as an alternative for galvanized iron sheets. 


Standard features or specifications of these stainless decorative color sheets are: 

  • Strength
  • Stylish finishing 
  • Bright colors 
  • Superior surface finishes
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy 
  • Corrosion and heat resistance 

This decorative color sheet is designed with 100% pure, high-quality SS alloy. Thus, it adds to its impressive feature and an adorable market value. Are you willing to opt for this product? Do you still need more facts to convince you so you can give it a shot?

I will walk you through incredible advantages that are a must-see! These advantages will lead you to the best choice a merchant can pick from. 


Stainless steel is a safe decorative material. It does not have organic material like methanol. Additionally, it is fireproof and safe! What’s more? With decorative colored stainless steel, they have now become more bright and brilliant. With this innovation, designers can engrave varying patterns on the steel surface.

As a result, users can be sure of a concave-convex and three-dimensional feeling. This feeling silences the monotonous color of the traditional stainless steel plate. Also, stainless steel decorative color sheets react on the stainless steel surface. This results in an oxide layer on the stainless steel surface.

This is an image of stainless steel application.

This oxide layer and the steel are well integrated to give crystal and brilliant colors. This sheet is hard and has a metallic luster. This makes it easy to clean and shield it from getting damaged and scratched.

Moreover, it can compensate for alkali and acid corrosion. It wouldn’t rust with ease, as indicated earlier. The steel’s continuous usage will expose it to varying weather conditions. As a result, these constituents are sure of a terrific need for them. There are other incredible benefits. These are explained below: 


Unlike the traditional sheets, a color coated steel sheet has a very long life span. It’s even one of the reasons many potential buyers are going for this. For instance, it’s experimented that decorative sheets last for over ten decades.

While they can last that long, they do not need any maintenance at all. Needless to say why the demand for this product has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate. The high tensile strength at the low temperature they have adds to its durability.

Also, it’s thermal friendly and endures severe and harsh weather. It can also withstand heavy loads without issues. Finally, they do not easily wear. Thus, for certainty, they are durable, and users can be sure of longevity. 

Light Weight

One would expect that with an extra coating of color added, it will be heavy without a doubt. But that’s quite the contrary! The extra color doesn’t add any weight. The final piece stays light in weight. As a result, transporters shouldn’t worry about weight.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t increase the ceilings or walls’ pressure if used for roofing’s. If you are contemplating using it for roofing, stop delaying. Could you make your decision to buy it now? Conveying and final usage will not bring any negative impact. 


It’s normal to assume that a lightweight material like this will be so flexible. That’s right, though; this is in another dimension. The product is durable and lightweight. You can customize them into varying sizes and shapes. Thus, if you want your coated color roofing steel for particular purposes, you will get it unaltered. 

This is an image of stainless steel color decorative bar.


The stainless steel sheet’s surface has a coated color, usually coming with anti-finger . As such, the sheets do not deteriorate quickly or rust. This fantastic feature can convince you of a long life. It also assures you of the durability of the whole material.

Low Heat Conductivity

The color coated sheet has admiring insulation properties. And this is due to the color coating. The sheet does not permit excess heat to penetrate through. Instead, it ensures a very cool envronment around the building. If you are sick of the heat radiation that comes with steel, upgrade to color coated steel. You won’t regret it! 


Finally, the advantages of the color coated sheet are beauty. It is quite appealing to the eye. It improves the aesthetic look of the sheet. As indicated, the coating can be with a series of patterns according to your choicest design.

This is an image of stainless steel etched patterned sheet,

If you desire designs like grass, flowers, blue sky, and more, you will get them. No doubt, the sheets are quite impressive and attractive. When building your house or a need for you to use color coated sheets, do not hesitate to use it. You will be glad you did. 


What is your decision? You can take advantage of the innovation happening in the technology sector! When next? It would help if you had a stainless steel decorative sheet. Remember the main benefits of this stainless steel.

It is durable, wear-resistant, good visual appearance, easy to clean, resistant to scratch. It doesn’t leave fingerprints and is high-quality maintenance-free. On a final note, it has strong decorative effects. 

Hi, I am Linda, FTSSS blog writer . I have been working on stainless steel  since I graduated from university. How time flies!  13 years have slipped away from me. ‘Stay hungry, Stay foolish.’ I am walking steadily on the road of seeking knowledge every day.

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