What are the applications of stainless steel decorative sheets?

December 18, 2020
In this post, you'll read:You can find stainless steel decorative sheets in many aspects of our everyday lives. They provide an aesthetic element and are also used to make a variety of products.

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Are you trying to select a cost-efficient material? Or are you learning about the application of stainless steel decorative sheets? Either way, we are here to help.

You can find stainless steel decorative sheets in many aspects of our everyday lives. They provide an aesthetic element and are also used to make a variety of products. Often, people choose them as core components of facilities and infrastructures. This is because stainless steel decorative sheets is a versatile material and have many inherent properties. These include malleability, anti-corrosion, and anti-staining. These are essential functions from medical equipment to large-scale industrial manufacturing.

This is an image of stainless steel decorative sheet.

We can understand the applications of stainless steel decorative sheets by looking at their properties.


High Tensile Strength

Material has high tensile strength if it can withstand extensive stress. Stainless steel sheets have high tensile strength meaning that they can withstand high pressure before breaking. The high tensile strength allows the stainless steel sheets to withstand natural elements. This is important for places exposed to nature—for example, the exterior of buildings and automobile vehicles.

This is an image of high tensile strength of stainless steel.

Corrosion resistance

One of the more common application would be its resistance to atmospheric corrosion. You can cover equipment with stainless steel to prevent corrosion of equipment. This is important for equipment that comes into contact with high pH levels—for example, those in process plants. Thus, the materials used must have high corrosion resistance.

With the right coating, stainless steel decorative sheets could serve you well. FTSSS can apply different types of coatings to your stainless-steel decorative sheets.

Aesthetic appearance

You can customize various patterns and designs on your stainless steel decorative sheets. FTSSS does this through various methods such as embossing, etching, and stamping. The different patterns and colors provide an artistic aspect to your office or home. This will make it a more conducive environment and brighten your day. You can also coat your stainless steel decorative sheet to maintain its colors, brightness, and smoothness. To maintain your stainless steel decorative sheets, you must use suitable cleaning materials.

This is an image of aesthetic appearance of stanless steel decorative sheet.

FTSSS uses Physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating to color stainless steel decorative sheets. This method is more corrosion-resistant than electroplating or painting. It allows the stainless steel decorative sheets to appear as other metals such as gold, brass, bronze, and silver. It is an exciting way for you to create visual illusions for your guests.


The increase in accessibility of medicine and healthcare makes hygiene less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Stainless steel decorative sheets are good for environments that need high hygiene levels. For example, hospitals and food preparation/production areas. This is due to the ease of sterilization and resistance to corrosion, giving you peace of mind as you go about your everyday life.

The properties of stainless steel decorative sheets and their cost-efficiency make them a good option for most people such as you and me. We can see stainless steel decorative sheets in all aspects of our surroundings. The next time you go out, be sure to keep a lookout for some of these stainless steel decorative sheets’ applications. You will be surprised at how common they are.

Applications of stainless steel decorative sheets

Interior and exterior design of buildings

You can find stainless steel decorative sheets both inside and outside many buildings. For example, we use stainless steel decorative sheets for many of our elevator panels. We also use them for wall/column cladding, luxury doors, ceiling, cabinet, advertising nameplates, wall decoration strips, and tile trims. We can attribute this to its durability and cost-efficiency. By customizing the stainless steel decorative sheets’ appearance, we can change the atmospheric mood of a location.

This is an image of stainless steel stamped sheet ceiling.
This is an image of stainlesss steel wall decoration strips.

Public facilities

Public facilities are subjected to the effects of many types of pollution due to the high traffic. Therefore, you must be able to clean the materials used easily. Stainless steel decorative sheets are an excellent choice as they are easy to maintain. Their corrosion resistance also makes them suitable for public areas that are often exposed to air pollution and weather changes.

This is an image of stainless steel application in metro station.

Automobile and transportation systems

The heat and corrosion resistance of stainless steel decorative sheets make them a good choice for vehicles. Its corrosion resistance allows for lower maintenance costs such as cleaning and sanitizing.

Food production and storage

Stainless steel decorative sheets are ideal for covering storage materials. An example is industrial freezers. They are also useful in our everyday lives, and you can find them in places such as our kitchen-tops, refrigerators, and dishwashers. One of the reasons is that it does not alter the taste of the food it comes into contact with. It is corrosion-resistant, which means that it will not rust when in contact with acidic food such as lemons and limes. You can clean stainless steel decorative sheets. This is an essential need for food preparation environments. FTSSS can also add coating such as anti-fingerprint coating your products. This ensures that the sheets stay in their top conditions.

This is an image of food tank made of stainless steel.

In FTSSS, we pride ourselves on being able to supply high-quality stainless steel decorative sheets. Examples are PVD colored, mirror/super mirror, etched, embossed, No.4, hairlines, vibration, and sandblast sheets. at the shortest time possible with a high degree of customization to suit your needs. You can find a list of our different stainless steel decorative sheets along with their applications.

Surface TreatmentApplication
Mirror/Supper MirrorStainless steel mirror/super mirror sheets are used in architecture. You can find them in elevators and facility decorations. They are a popular choice for decoration projects as you can have different degrees of reflectivity. With Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, FTSSS can also color the stainless steel metal sheets. If preferred, various patterns can also be incorporated onto the stainless steel metal sheets by embossing or etching.
HairlineFTSSS engraves hairline patterns onto the stainless steel decorative sheets either by hand or by machines. Stainless steel hairline sheets used for high-grade antique decorations are produced manually. This is because the high level of control allows for the exact directional finishing of the hairline patterns. For high output, customers can instead opt for machine production of stainless steel hairline sheets. You can find them in places like elevator panels, escalators, building facades, construction works.
No.4Known as the workhorse finish, there are different types of No.4 finishes that you can choose from. These are the 180Grid, 240Grid, 320Grid, and 400Grid. It is one of the most common stainless steel finishes. You can find them in high-traffic places such as handrails, stainless steel sinks, and other work surfaces. This is due to its ease of maintenance.
Bead BlastedStainless steel bead blasted sheets are gorgeous stainless steel decorative plates. They have a soft satin reflection with low reflectivity. The bead-blasted sheets also have excellent anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint properties. This makes them an optimal choice in all aspects of the decoration industry and stainless steel products. For aesthetic purposes, stainless steel bead blasted sheets can also be coated in various colors. Examples are gold, black, red, green, blue, and violet.
VibrationVibration sheets produce different visual effects based on the distance between the viewer and the metal sheets. From afar, they appear to contain circles of sand lines. A close-up view will show unsystematic patterns. Compared to another run of mill stainless sheets finishes such as hairline and No.4, this gives off a more top of the line impression. You can see these sheets in places such as advertising nameplates, aisle boards, and screen borders.
StampedEven with the stamped stainless steel metal sheets’ uneven surfaces, they are still easy to clean and maintenance-free. It has a stunning three-dimensional visual effect, which is unparalleled. This effect is often used for ceilings to give off a transparent and clean effect while providing a certain depth to the place.
EmbossedEmbossed stainless steel sheets is a beautiful stainless steel finish that gives off a sophisticated look. They provide designers with a unique look that allows the end product to stand out amongst other designs. You can find them in hotels’ interior design, where appearances are significant. You can also find them in different architectural classes, facades, and canopies.
EtchedStainless steel etched sheets are corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, anti-rust, sustainable, and stable. You can find them in memorial products, hotel signage, trophies, and wayfinding signs. You can also find them in high-quality products such as intaglio printmaking and hot foil stamping dies.


In short, it is clear to see just how versatile stainless steel decorative sheets can be. There are multiple types of stainless steel decorative sheets for you to choose from, each with its unique look and application. If you decide to incorporate stainless steel decorative sheets into your product, why not choose a reliable supplier for your needs? At FTSSS, we practice strict quality control and timely delivery of orders so that you can have the best experience possible. With our experienced team at your services, you can be assured that what you need is what you get.

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