My name is Linda Wong and I am currently working as the sales director of FTSSS. I am extremely fond of this company and have since adopted its slogan “Decorate the world, color your life” as my career mission since the inception of FTSSS.

When it was first established in 2011, I was employed to expand its foreign sales. Since then, I have watched it grow from scratch, with the company now operating a total of three workshops. These seven years have been extremely fruitful and rewarding and FTSSS is akin to my second home.

Away from work, I often spend time with my daughter, Sunny, whom I love with all my heart. We are almost inseparable and my friends have often remarked that we are more like sisters than mother and daughter. We like to spend our time reading, hiking and shopping. I am also her close confidante and she enjoys sharing about her school adventures with me. I would often give her kisses and hugs which she would also reciprocate.

We are also proud to introduce two additional family members, Putin Wong and Dutin Wong. They are incredible parrots that brings us joy everyday.


2019 Trade Show in Atlanta, USA

2015 Business Trip in Isfahan, Iran

2013 Trade Show in Mosco, Russia

2017 in Beijing with Sudan Client

2012 Business Trip in Melbourne, Australia

2008 Business Trip In Istanbul, Turkey

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